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Recently I was backstage warming up with our dancers before a performance at the Joyce Theater. I looked around in awe at what Dwight and I have created—A company of twelve gorgeous, fantastically talented dancers performing heart-stopping ballets to thousands across the globe.  They are my family. This is my life’s work. And I thought, how do we keep this going?

In this past year I have done a lot of thinking. It is my dream to continue to nurture young dancers so that they can experience what I have been blessed to experience. In my wide-ranging and fortunate career on the stage, I have seen it all!  From embarrassing moments as a young dancer when I didn’t have the proper attire for ballet class, to the standing ovations from all around the world as I enter the stage…the range is breath-taking.

Through all the heartache and the thrilling moments, Dwight, I and our dancers share a core value—the burning passion to pursue excellence in craft, and share that excellence with you, our audience. Today, I feel called to mentor young dancers and help them pursue their dreams. To this end, it is my honor to announce that I will refocus much of my energy within Complexions to shape and build our arts education program. I will be a hands-on advisor working to directly foster young dancers’ passion, and pave the way for future generations of powerhouse talents. It is now my dream to make the dreams of young dancers come true.

The development of this next chapter involves you. Complexions has created The Desmond Richardson Next Generation Fund to fortify young dancers’ education and performing opportunities at Complexions. Contributions to the Fund will directly support scholarships for the company’s students, and financial assistance for apprentice dancers who are training and touring with the company.

I just returned from teaching and mentoring young dancers at our first pre-professional training program in Detroit. It was empowering to expand our educational reach outside of New York City, and cultivate the talents of dancers with limited opportunities. In New York and across the globe, the goal remains the same: to use our knowledge and experience to help aspiring dancers achieve their dreams. Please join us in our work to form the next generation of dancers.

We will be honored to have you with us. Your support will help make young dancers’ dreams come true. Please make a donation to the Fund today.

With great thanks for joining us on this journey,

Desmond Richardson

Co-Artistic Director


The Dream Level ($75 – $500)

Your gift will provide a student with the necessary attire including dance shoes, tights, dance clothes and financial assistance to attend classes and begin their training to become a professional dancer.

“A wonderful lesson full of power, passion and Desmond. Thank U so much again & again!”

Paola Bolognese Master class student, Italy 2012

“This first week has been awesome! Really absorbing a lot and getting a new perspective”

Christine Corbett, Summer Intensive Student, 2012


The Educate Level ($600 – $2500)

Award a pre-professional student a full scholarship to attend one of Complexions intensives through out the year:

Winter Intensive 2012, NYC – $600

Summer Intensive 2012, NYC – $1800

Detroit Summer Intensive at Wayne State University 2013 – $2500

“I wanted to personally thank you so much for your class and your inspirational words.  I will be attending Complexions Summer Intensive for weeks three and four and I am extremely excited to dance there for those two weeks.  I am so interested in the company and I would love to take more classes from you, as well as the other teachers there.”

Brynn Vogel, Summer Intensive Student, 2012


The Dance Level ($5,000+)

Provide an exceptional opportunity for an apprentice dancer to experience life as a company member with Complexions Contemporary Ballet. The apprentice will train, rehearse current Complexions repertory, tour and perform internationally with the Company.

6 month apprenticeship – $5,000

Full year apprenticeship – $10,000

“Extraordinary experience to grow as an artist. I have gained so much from rehearsing and performing with Complexions company members”

Taeler Cyrus, Apprentice, 2011


“Complexions is a dream come true. I have the upmost respect and it’s an honor to stand in front of Desmond and Dwight day by day. The performing, training and hands on experience is flawless”

Tre Smith III, Apprentice 2012


Please consider a donation to the Desmond Richardson Next Generation Fund. Your gift is a vital bridge in developing the next generation of Complexions Dancers. You can make a contribution through PAYPAL by clicking on the donate button below: