Complexions TechNIQUE

Based on decades of training, technical expertise and performance, Complexions techNIQUE is definitively the #1 Contemporary Ballet training method in the World today.

Created by Artistic Directors Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, the Complexions Technique has been admired and sought after since the inception of Complexions Contemporary Ballet and has enhanced the careers of thousands of dancers from middle school through the elite professional ranks.

Complexions Intensives


Our intensives programs remain at the forefront of American Dance Education and was developed to train the next generation of dancers from middle school through the professional ranks.

Staffed with elite level instructors and our patented dance methodology, NIQUE, our intensives strive for the founders’ vision of dance based on rigorous contemporary training that is imbued with a sense of movement, power and exuberant energy in developing the COMPLETE dancer.

Complexions Apparel

We believe that art is a lifestyle, so whether its athletic apparel to keep you in shape or dance gear for hard work in the studio, with our new apparel line you’ll find hottest Complexions quality wears for each season at incredible prices.

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